IDP program

Want your child to develop their skills at an enhanced rate?

If your child has been playing for a few seasons now or if your child has been identified by one of our coaches as a candidate to have their skills fast-tracked then you should seriously consider our Individual Development Program or IDP for short.

Our IDP sessions focus entirely on the development of players individual skills.  We enhance and develop your child’s, dribbling, shooting, passing and game skills where they gain confidence and build the courage to attempt things in games they previously wouldn’t have considered.

If your child is committed to improving their basketball they will love these sessions.

However, unlike other programs players need to reach a certain level before being able to enter into IDP sessions.

If you have already been invited by one of our coaches to join the program simply fill out your details below and SUBMIT your registration.

If not, but you would be interested in getting your child involved, then send our program coordinator, Bob Mann an email for consideration. His email is

Fill out my online form.