What is "Rep Ready"?

Rep basketball - the next level  
On Friday nights all around Melbourne, teams representing Associations
take on each other in high standard, highly competitive matches in a variety of

Rep basketball is the level above domestic where the coaching and training is more intense
 and more involved. Coaching is of a high level and the committment to be successful is
significantly higher than that of domestic basketball.

To gain a spot in a rep team, the normal method is to turn up to tryouts to compete with
sometimes, hundreds of other of kids to try and gain one of the limited spots available.
This leads to tense sessions, than can be intimidating and high pressured for kids and
 in many instances leaves them disappointed and sometimes even crushed by the

It also on many occasions means coaches and selectors at these sessions miss some
genuine talent as players get only limited opportunities to show their talents. To eliminate
the pressures involved and to ensure players are given opportunity to progress to this
level of basketball the Warriors conduct the Rep Ready program.

Why we think you should get involved

An opportunity like this doesn't present itself too often.

The Warriors represent a great opportunity for your child to advance their basketball
experience by
becoming involved with an energized, professional and ambitious
Association/Club through the Warriors. Your child will

●  Receive quality coaching.
●  Will learn the vaue of committment
●  Will improve thir game through improved skill development.
●  Will be provied with pathway to an elite level if they have the desire for it.
●  Will establish great friendships that can last a lifetime.
●  Will play alongside and against quality players and teams.

How Rep Ready works?

Weekly Training sessions In term three of each year once or twice a week the Warriors
will provide rep standard training sessions for all rep ready participants
. This concentrates on
developing individuals skills and introducing players to our offensive and defensive concepts,
philosophies and structures. This is done through regular sessions with current rep players.
This assists players who intend to tryout for a rep team to become familiar with players
coaches and the drills and skills we teach at training and more importantly may be exposed
to at Rep Tryouts.

In our rep program there are certain individual skill levels and challenges the players need to
learn and master to advance their basketball.
At our rep ready sessions the kids are
introduced and taught these challenges.

This ensures that all players are well prepared for tryouts and will be able to perform to the
best during these tryouts. In fact the more the kids attend and master the skill sets and
challenges that are required of our rep program, then the more pleasant the expereince of
participating in our tryouts will become.

Uniform and Rep Costs Through the Rep Ready program parents will also be introduced to the
costs involved and the commitments required. Parents will also be able to organize a purchase
of a Warriors uniform so they can spread their financial commitments before commencing in
an official Rep team.

One thing that can prove to daunting is the initial costs of starting in a Rep team. Through the
Rep Ready program you can plan these commitments on a far better and smoother fashion.

Does everybody make a Rep team? While that is our hope it is not necessarily the case.

We would need to be able to form proper squads to make space for everybody first and then
players would need to be at a standard where they can handle all the pressures and
competitiveness of rep basketball.

However the Rep Ready program will give your child the best chance to gain a spot
and if not they will be able to continue in the Rep Ready program until a spot opens
up and/or their individual skills sets improve enough to gain a spot.

All rep ready participants will receive continual updates on their progress.

What does "Rep Ready" cost The rep ready program costs $25.00 for the five week program
which commences on the 31st of July..

Once you are selected in a rep team and games commence there are game fees that
include a $3.00 door entry and a $55.00 score sheet fee. To view a document that details
these costs and the other committments involved in playing in a Warriors Rep team CLICK HERE.
(Please note this booklet is for the 2015 season so won't reflect costs for the 2016 season.
These will be published in the near future.)

When and Where are rep Ready Sessions held Sessions will be conducted at GESAC
on Sundays at the following times from Sunday July 31st.

Boys- Sundays   1:30pm to 3:00pm

These sessions are conducted at the following Venue: -
GESAC Sports Centre,
200 East Boundary Rd, East Bentleigh. Melways: 77 J1

To discuss possible training arrangements and times or to organize an alternative contact
our Basketball Manager Bob Mann on 0468 543 173 or via his
e-mail at bob_mann@warriorsbasketball.org .

Age Groups The cut-off date for rep ball next season will be December 31st 2016.
So if you think your child is in too high an age group don't panic as we are planning
nearly a year ahead compared to domestic competitions. The age groups are listed below.

  • U12 Boys & Girls (Born 2006 & 2007)
  • U14 Boys & Girls (Born 2004 & 2005)
  • U16 Boys & Girls (Born 2002 & 2003)
  • U18 Boys & Girls (Born 2000-2001)
  • U20 Boys & Girls (Born 1998-1999) 

When does Rep Ready Commence Sunday, July 31st, to register CLICK HERE. 

How do you get involved? Simply contact Warriors Basketbal Manager, Bob Mann, via his
mobile 0468 543 173 or his e-mail at bob_mann@warriorsbasketball.org  to get things started.




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