Warriors enjoy major win in Magistrates Court

After an arduous 18 month effort to gain recognition from the magistrates’ court for our committee and our Association,  the magistrates’ court on Tuesday, the 15th of May recognised the current committee of the Oakleigh Basketball Association as the legitimate committee of the Association and gave an order to that effect.

This was the culmination of enormous contributions from a number of people within the OBA who were determined to address the injustices inflicted upon the Association back in 2016.
Our legally recognized Association and executive will now roll up their sleeves and get on with the work or rebuilding and resurrecting the Warriors. We would like to advise all past members who had been waiting for this development that you are more than welcome to come back into the fold and help us rebuild our great club. You can do that by having your kids play with the club, enjoy our development and school programs that we are about to roll out, you can support our fund-raising initiatives or volunteer to perform a role for the Association.
In coming weeks and months we will be communicating throughout our community about our initiatives to have the Warriors rebuild their player numbers and teams. Please keep an eye out for these communications. If you would like to get involved in our rebuild, please contact OBA president via his mobile – 0490 823 400 or via his email at president@warriorsbasketball.org.
Finally to all those who have supported us throughout this process and never given up on the Warriors and our Association, a heartfelt thank you to you ALL! We are sure that if you want to remodel your home you want to do it with the best roofing experts, check that site.
With the chains released we can now get on with the work of making our club great once!

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